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IDS's MarTech suite is a robust bundle of specialized platforms designed to transform and empower your marketing team.

The suite features the 'uWin' direct marketing platform, the 'MediaPlan' media planning tool, and 'SOV' (Share of Voice), our advanced advertising monitoring platform. Complementing these are our custom-developed Loyalty, E-commerce, and CRM solutions, tailored to fit the unique needs of your business.

This synergy of MarTech platforms equips your marketers with a powerful toolkit, streamlining their workflows, enhancing audience engagement, and driving sales to elevate your brand's market position.

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Shop Smart & Play Hard

The uWin© Ecosystem is an innovative, solution designed to elevate the service industry and retail sectors by incorporating the latest customer-centric technologies at the center of their operations and strategies.

This comprehensive ecosystem is composed of platforms, providing an extensive array of services. Key elements include a fully-integrated loyalty suite, a robust reward management suite, eCommerce, targeted marketing, network marketing, eCouponing, eVouchering, ePayment solutions, and support for retail execution and logistics management.

This cutting-edge ecosystem is crafted to enrich the overall customer experience of your organisation.

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Unlocking the Power of Brand Advertising Intelligence

Share of Voice (SOV): Elevating Brand Advertising Intelligence - Our Share of Voice (SOV) solution is the essential tool for brands seeking to comprehensively assess the competitive landscape of advertising expenditure across diverse media platforms in Mauritius.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we precisely detect and analyze advertisements aired on radio and television, delivering valuable insights regarding their quality and duration.

This holistic approach equips brands with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and refine their advertising strategies for maximum impact.

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Maximize Your Advertising Reach with Media Plan

Improve your Advertising Efficiency with Media Plan© - Media Plan© is our cutting-edge media planning and booking platform, meticulously designed to empower advertisers in optimizing their advertising budgets while maximizing their reach within the target market.

Every aspect of this platform has been carefully crafted with the advertiser's perspective in focus.

From the comprehensive metrics to the streamlined functionalities, Media Plan© is dedicated to enhancing advertising investment decisions and simplifying the booking process.

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Empowering Brands to Connect Directly with Their Audience

In today’s digital landscape, dominated by third-party social media control, our Loyalty Platform & App stands out by equipping your marketing team with a suite of powerful tools designed to foster direct engagement with your uniquely 'owned' audience.

Our platform transcends conventional boundaries by offering comprehensive features such as advanced segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns, sophisticated loyalty and rewards management, interactive gamification techniques, and direct marketing channels.

Additionally, our integrated voucher sales and management system not only drives revenue but also ensures a personalized and memorable customer experience. This autonomy and flexibility enable businesses to cultivate a loyal customer base, enhance brand advocacy, and ultimately, achieve sustained growth.

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Revolutionizing Customer Relationship Management

At the forefront of customer relationship innovation, the IDS CRM platform is engineered to empower businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage and enhance their customer interactions and relationships across all touchpoints. It is a sophisticated blend of functionality and ease, providing an intuitive interface that encapsulates robust sales automation, detailed analytics, and seamless integration with key business systems.

Designed to drive engagement, boost productivity, and foster loyalty, IDS CRM offers a unified solution that aligns sales, marketing, and customer service efforts with strategic business goals. Whether it’s through personalizing customer interactions, streamlining sales pipelines, or delivering actionable insights for decision-makers, IDS CRM is the transformative catalyst that enables businesses to adapt, thrive, and maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market, precisely detect and analyze advertisements aired on radio and television, delivering valuable insights regarding their quality and duration.

This holistic approach equips brands with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and refine their advertising strategies for maximum impact.

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Transform Your Business with Seamless Online Commerce

The IDS e-Commerce platform offers a transformative solution for businesses aiming to establish a strong online presence swiftly. Within 3 hours, you have the capability to construct and deploy a full-scale e-commerce platform, enabling a seamless transition of your business to the digital domain.

This platform is exceptionally versatile, available both as a web-based interface and as a dedicated mobile app tailored specifically for your business.

This dual availability ensures maximum accessibility for your customers, allowing them to connect with your products through their preferred medium. The intuitive design of our platform facilitates an effortless process of digitalization, granting you the power to efficiently manage and showcase your product catalog online.