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The IDS RetailTech suite is a comprehensive integrated ecosystem of advanced platforms, designed to revolutionize the retail landscape by enhancing operational efficiencies across the spectrum of retail management.

The suite is composed of the following platforms:

Supermarket Management System - Optimize your supermarket workflow from procurement to point-of-sale.

Shelf Management AI Responsive Tech - ensuring planogram adherence and minimizing out-of-stocks.

Retail Execution Audit Companion - mobile app enhancing the productivity of your sales and merchandising teams

By adopting IDS RetailTech, retailers are empowered to significantly boost the efficiency of their teams across all processes, ensuring a seamless retail operation and an unparalleled customer experience.

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Revolutionize Supermarket Operations

IDS Supermarket Management System (SMS), is a robust and adaptive solution engineered to revolutionize the operational landscape of Super and Hypermarkets.

Merging the agility of IDS core ERP with advanced, specialised modules for super and hypermarket needs, our SMS offers an unparalleled seamless integration across purchasing, logistics, vendor, supply-chain, marketing and O2O sales channels.

Designed to furnish comprehensive oversight while offering granular insights at the departmental level, enabling a bird's-eye view of enterprise-wide operations and the ability to delve into the fine details of individual departments.

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Empower Your Retail Team

Our SMART (Shelf Management AI Responsive Tech) Retail Execution platform provides a mobile based powerful tool designed specifically for Merchandising and Sales teams.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, this app streamlines the process of evaluating planogram adherence, monitoring share of shelf, and detecting out-of-stock situations alongside verifying price compliance with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

It empowers your team to make data-driven decisions on-the-go, optimizing retail execution strategies, enhancing in-store visibility, and ensuring product availability to meet consumer demand efficiently.

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Effortlessly Gather Insights with REAC

The REAC Survey and Audit Platform The REAC Survey and Audit Platform enables organizations, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to efficiently gather crucial information by streamlining survey data collection and optimizing sales, category management, execution, and logistics processes.

This versatile platform supports multi-channel distribution, including mobile, email, QR-Code and SMS for self-administered questionnaires, while also accommodating face-to-face mobile and phone (CATI) personal interviews.

With REAC, you can effortlessly capture valuable insights to drive your business forward.