Man Working in Logistics Warehouse

LIDS Logistics Tech, a key component of our Omni Commerce ecosystem, streamlines logistics with an integrated suite that blends advanced technology and user focus. This suite is composed of the following platforms:

Together, these platforms empower your logistics with precision, agility, and connectivity, ensuring your products move through the supply chain with unmatched efficiency and control.

Streamline your supply chain with this integrated solutions, ensuring efficiency, agility, and seamless connectivity from warehouse to delivery.

Smart warehouse management system.

Streamline Your Warehouse Operations

The IDS Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a comprehensive solution designed to optimize warehouse operations, encompassing a broad range of functionalities from inventory management to order fulfillment and shipping.

Key features include real-time inventory tracking, efficient receiving and putaway processes, streamlined order fulfillment, and robust shipping integrations. It leverages advanced barcode scanning and RFID technologies, with the addition of QR codes for enhanced bin and space management, ensuring precise location tracking and space optimization within the warehouse.

Labor management, security, yard and dock management, and detailed reporting and analytics further contribute to operational efficiency.

Managing stocks for distribution

Modernise Your Distribution Process with DMS

Our Distribution Management System (DMS) offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines and optimizes the logistics and distribution process, from warehouse to customer delivery.

It excels in managing the transportation of goods through advanced route optimization and real-time shipment tracking, including accessibility for clients to monitor their deliveries through uWIn Retail, ensuring goods arrive on time and in good condition.

Additionally, it harnesses predictive analytics to accurately forecast demand, intelligently plans inventory levels, and efficiently schedules distribution activities, thereby minimizing costs while meeting customer demand.

Omni channel technology of online retail business.

Simplify Retail Operations

IDS uWin Retail offers an innovative solution for retailers, the mobile app is designed to streamline the entire order and delivery management process.

This innovative app facilitates seamless order placement directly from IDS Suppliers Market Places, encompassing every step from the finalization of the purchase order to meticulous delivery follow-up and the efficient tally and processing of supplier invoices.

By providing retailers with this powerful tool, IDS uWin Retail not only simplifies the procurement and inventory management process but also enhances operational efficiency, reduces manual errors, and improves the overall speed of business transactions.