Health insurance - concept.

IDS HealthTech is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance the healthcare experience, bringing patients, healthcare providers, and pharmacies together.

Our HealthTech ecosystem currently comprises of three core platforms:

Together, these platforms create an integrated network that simplifies your healthcare delivery, ensures seamless management of healthcare facilities, and promotes a patient-centered approach to care, driving better health outcomes and operational excellence.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery Through Innovative Technology

Our Hospital Management System (HMS) is an expansive platform tailored to streamline hospital operations, thereby enhancing patient care and improving administrative workflows.

At the heart of this system are the core Modules comprising the Foundation of our Hospital Management System, which equip healthcare facilities with the necessary tools for efficient and impactful healthcare delivery.

Complementing these are additional modules focused on Marketing & CRM, HR, Finance, as well as a Dashboard and Analytics, all crafted to address the complex layers of hospital administration and patient care. Together, these components form a robust infrastructure, designed to optimize hospital operations and deliver comprehensive, patient-centric care.

Computer technology helps pharmacies better manage their supplies

Empowering Pharmacies to Shape the Future of Healthcare

The IDS Pharmacy System Management (PSM) serves as a pivotal component in our HealthTech ecosystem, designed to revolutionize healthcare delivery.

By seamlessly integrating with both current and forthcoming Health Tech Platforms, our system positions pharmacies at the heart of healthcare services. It streamlines the connection between insurance providers, pharmaceutical and health equipment suppliers, and the critical point of doctor prescriptions.

Our objective is to fortify the delivery of healthcare, ensuring pharmacies not only dispense medication but also act as integral hubs that enhance patient care through comprehensive management and accessibility.

Enabling Individuals to Take Control of Their Health

uWin Health is a versatile mobile application designed to streamline the management of essential health performance indicators (KPIs) for individuals.

It seamlessly aggregates data from wearables, user entries, as well as insights from medical analyses or prescriptions by health professionals. Users can conveniently book appointments with healthcare providers, track and manage their dietary and exercise regimes, and access a detailed health index for food and beverages consumed.

Additionally, the app houses a comprehensive knowledge base of the user's health history, with a secure one-time password (OTP) system that grants temporary data access to authorized third parties, ensuring data privacy and user control.