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The CNC machining centre with the G-code data background.

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IDS specializes in elevating businesses through digital 'smartification,' offering everything from ready-to-use software and platforms to custom-developed solutions, with a strong focus on marketing platform development.

Our aim is to instill a digital-first mindset, equipping your organization with dynamic and user-friendly solutions inspired by the interactivity of social media. As a cornerstone of the Analysis Group, IDS is committed to being the catalyst for technological innovation for our clients and our internal processes. We combine expertise with creative ingenuity to ensure your organization's digital journey leads to sustained achievement and transformative success.

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The CNC machining centre with the G-code data background.

IDS CORE - Collaborative Organization Resource Engine

At the forefront of our innovative platforms lies IDS CORE, a ​powerful enterprise management engine built on the robust ​foundation of PostgreSQL. IDS CORE - Collaborative Organization ​Resource Engine enables seamless communication, streamlines ​workflows, and fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation, and ​continuous improvement across departments and teams. IDS ​CORE provides continuous analytics capabilities, empowering your ​organization to make informed decisions.

Unlocking Your Organization's Potential with IDS CORE AI

At IDS CORE, our AI experts and data scientist are dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your organization. We will work closely with your team to analyze and model your processes, operations, and finances, creating a digital footprint that reflects your unique organizational dynamics.

The CNC machining centre with the G-code data background.

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